Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama

Not really a political campaign book, because Obama wrote it when he was 33 and hadn’t even run for anything yet. Really stunning and beautiful (if a little long), and sounds 100% like he wrote every word of it.  I mean, you can HEAR him saying the book.

Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes

Greatest Vietnam War novel I've ever read.

For me, Hawke’s death was adequate, not want I wanted exactly, but absurd and tragic enough.  It successfully finished the racial narrative of the book, which I kept wondering how he was going to tie up.  I was more disappointed with Mellas not going back out there.  Apparently, the original draft of the book (he says it took him 40 years to write) was much longer, 1600 pages at one point.  I’d read that long version.  And I hate long versions.

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