Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

By the end of the year it happened that she had quite lost interest in the man himself, but was deeply absorbed in his mind, from which she had extracted, among other things, his religion as a pith from a husk. Her mind was as full of his religion as a night sky is full of things visible and invisible. She left the man and took his religion and became a nun in the course of time.

the creme de la creme

the dialogue for the character of Jean Brodie is almost impossible to excerpt, it is all pitch-perfect and eminently quotable.

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M Drayne said...

I know it makes me look bad to ask, but have you seen the movie? The fact that the Mad Magazine parody was titled "The Prime of Miss Jean's Body" got me interested when I was a youth, but I have never followed up and seen it. Sorry to drag the dialogue down, but interested in your comments.

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